Thank you. You are one of the most sensible and amazing doctors I have come across. You took the decision of not continuing chemo and that was one of the best decision. I have seen doctors continuing chemo inspite of severe side effects. You are so sensible. Thanks a lot doctor


Kindly accept my sincere thanks for saving the precious life of my niece, X, who is being discharged today. Your professional capabilities, commitment and kindness are very rare. May God bring all happiness to you and your family.

Subraya Hegde

Sir,I met Dr X of East side Clinic.He had a lot of good words & praise for your good work.

Satish Bab

Hello Dr Patil.,This is Mr. y's Daugther in law.

It's been a pleasure knowing you Sir. My inlaw always wanted to be relieved from his pain and Suffocation. You have taken care of him so very well during his treatment and last days with you. My sincere Thanks to you for being there Sir.

Dennis Rodrigues

Thank you Doc for the skill in your hands , the wisdom in your mind..... and the compassion in your heart.!

Dennis Rodrigues

Thanks for all your support and coordination in making my mom journey is thankful to u. We are all thankful for your support.

Sarojini devi Habib

No words are enough to thank you for your support in these 2 years. You have been very kind and had lot of patience in answering all my queries. Thanks a lot.

Gopal krishna Hebbar

You have been an exemplary guide and support through our efforts towards better health and wellness.
God bless you in all your endeavours!!

Jyoti Shrivastava

Good morning Sir. My mom Y passed away on Saturday after her long battle. I wish to thank you for all your help. It really meant a lot to us and everyone in my family considered your guidance and help as absolutely remarkable. Please accept our gratitude and our respect for you.

Uzwal Chatterjee

Thank you for all your help doctor.. Thank you for being so courteous towards dad..

Mohammed Farooq